Careers at Alvan Blanch

We are proud to have a strong workforce of over 100 in the UK, as well as our regional sales people and engineers based worldwide. Each of us plays a vital role in the success of Alvan Blanch.

We have a variety of departments covering all aspects of the business; from office work to CNC programming, welding, engineering, design and many more – there’s something for everyone here at AB!

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Meet Some of the Departments

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Engineering and R&D

The engineering teams continuously develop and invent new ways to improve the processing of crops and materials. In our 800sqm of testing and laboratorial facilities and local pilot farms, the team can trial any products through our systems and supply scientific analysis of the results achieved.

Fabrication and Assembly

Our purpose-built factory is home to a number of different roles. Found at our factory are welders, painters, machine-shop workers, etc etc. Skilled-labourers of many ages make up our workforce, and thanks to their hard work they make our machines a reality.


Here’s where the magic happens. Our Design team create each project, and due to the bespoke nature of our business, each machine has to be carefully designed to fit the customer’s individual needs. Whilst doing this, our team are also constantly looking to create and invent new ways to improve the processing of crops.

Accounts and Finance

Our Accounts and Finance team cover all purchasing, expenditure, and budgeting. They are experienced account managers and make sure everything ‘behind the scenes’ runs smoothly.

Project Management / Engineering

The drivers of our organisation, our project engineering team a.k.a. project managers are responsible for organising the build, shipment, and installation of projects once they have been commissioned. Ensuring everything runs smoothly after design is their top priority.

Stores and Despatch

We have a team dedicated to ensuring we have exactly what we need, they liaise with accounts for purchasing materials and keep up our stock. If we need to find something, they’ll be the ones who know! Working closely with the factory and also our project engineers, they keep everything shipshape.

Sales and Marketing

We have a number of sales teams who cover different areas of the world ensuring that clients from all over the world get individual, expert advice. In the UK head offices, we have our African Sales team, European Sales team, Industrial Sales team, and our UK Sales team – we also have experts within these teams who handle sales for the rest of the world. Their goal is to provide clients with expert knowledge to deliver an excellent service, and a product ideal for their needs. They travel to visit clients across the world and are the stars of exhibitions, it’s fast-paced and hard work but the rewards are great.
Our marketing team cover all advertising, maintain our website, social media, and marketing campaigns whilst also booking and organising exhibitions for Alvan Blanch to attend. Internally, they support the sales departments for promoting our products.