Cassava Processing

An overview of the unique Alvan Blanch system for conversion of fresh cassava into fine flour for human consumption, or chips for animal feed (with option of pellets).

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Cassava Processing System - Alvan Blanch

Cassava Flour Milling System – Nigeria

A typical Alvan Blanch cassava processing system comprises:

  • Alvan Blanch Washer/Peeler: Cassava must be first peeled and then thoroughly washed.
  • Alvan Blanch Chipper: The cassava must then be grated or chipped, allowing the moisture to be easily squeezed using a hydraulic press.
  • Alvan Blanch Drier:


  • Alvan Blanch Hammermill: The dried cassava can be processed through a hammermill, to create a fine milled flour.


  • Alvan Blanch Pelleting Press: The dried cassava can be used to create pellets for animal feed.
  • Alvan Blanch Flaking System: The dried cassava can be used to create cassava flakes.
Alvan Blanch Cassava Grater

Cassava Grater operation

The established cassava processing equipment from Alvan Blanch, such as driers, grinders, and pelleting presses, has now expanded in to other lines of machinery – all designed to complete the process line. Capable of processing pellets, dry chips, flour, crude starch, and other products, Alvan Blanch are able to supply complete cassava processing solutions, suitable for use in the animal and human feed industries alike manufactured to the highest standard, ensuring efficiency of operation and durability.

Alvan Blanch Cassava Grater and Press

Cassava Grater and Press System

Alvan Blanch have long been committed to the mechanisation of farming, on a global scale. Cassava is an essential crop within developing countries, acting as the main source of nutrients for many. Our cassava processing systems have been utilised by several humanitarian organisations like the World Food Programme, USAID and GIZ. We are committed to building a processing system that suits you. To create your bespoke cassava processing solution, get in touch with us today.

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