Feed & Soya Milling

Alvan Blanch Feed Milling Systems give farmers the independence to control exactly what they are feeding their livestock and to create bespoke high quality blends. Capacities for these systems vary depending on the required throughput and output as well as the production scale with many animal feed producers trusting Alvan Blanch systems to keep their busy production lines running.

Feed milling animals


Most on-farm feed milling is to produce mash with the option for pellets or extruded feed, designed to feed poultry, other livestock and aquaculture. Alvan Blanch systems are compact and low maintenance: engineered to be simple, yet efficient.

On-farm milling not only allows farmers the chance to potentially save on costs through utilising their own grain, but also allows them to assure the full control on their feed quality. Alongside traditional on-farm milling, feed milling is now a huge industry with many small and large commercial suppliers creating a varied range of feed products.

Alvan Blanch Pelleting System Fish Feed Nigeria
Feed Milling System up to 1 t/h Floating Fish Feed Pellets – Nigeria
Alvan Blanch Flaking System Qatar

Steam Flaking System 2 x 10t/hr Flaking Line 20,000t Storage


Alvan Blanch Feed Milling Systems can work for both the small and large feed producers. For the smaller commercial plant, the feed milling equipment is often in a horizontal orientation – this allows for an easy operation and warehouse integration. The design provides optimal equipment access at all operation points, reducing the downtime in production.

For the larger commercial plant, where production times need to be optimised, the plants are constructed in a vertical orientation to allow the maximum degree of gravity. The Alvan Blanch Feed Mill System is completely integrated with full feed and conveying systems. This allows for automation and reduces intensive manual labour: necessary factors for large scale producers. The equipment offers many options and capacities, and the complete system will ensure that you have the right solution from start
to finish.

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