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As the world turns its gaze to sustainable alternatives for the products we use every day, fuel consumption is a primary topic of discussion. Finding an alternative to power the globe has been a challenge taken on by many, and Alvan Blanch are here to help.

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Conveyor Drier Alvan Blanch CD7900
CD7900 Biomass Drier drying Digestate – Czech Republic

Alvan Blanch customers with Biomass and Waste Dryers already witnessed satisfactory drying results from applications on waste, woodchip, digestate, grass, straw, animal manure, and many other types of materials.

The main reason for drying biomass is to increase the combustion efficiency by de-watering the biomass products. The solid biomass system has drawn more attention to utilising waste heat from biomass boilers and CHP engines as a biomass drying process. Further encouraged by various government renewable heat schemes (such as RHI) solid biomass (including solid biomass contained in waste) drying systems have drawn more attention to utilising waste heat from biomass boiler in the drying process.

With the Biomass & Waste Dryer you can dry:

Dried Wheat-Alvan Blanch Wheat Dryer


Dried Oats-Alvan-Blanch-Oats-Dryer


Dried MSW - MSW Dryer


Dried Sorghum-Alvan-Blanch-Sorghum-Dryer

Medical Waste

Dried Soya-Beans-Alvan-Blanch-Soya-Beans-Dryer


...and more! Whatever the Material!

Woodchip Drying

An alternative to traditional fossil fuels is woodchip; woodchip is burned inside a biomass boiler. Biomass boilers work in the same way that traditional boilers do to heat water, but they do not burn any oil or gas. A woodchip biomass boiler not only saves money in energy, but is also considered to be carbon neutral as the CO₂ absorbed by the trees as they grow balances the CO₂ produced as it burns.

To get the best out of these fuels, they need to have a very low moisture content, this greatly increases their combustion efficiency. The quickest and most efficient way to remove this moisture is to dry the woodchip using and biomass & waste dryer.

Biomass and Waste Dryers - Alvan Blanch

Digestate drying

Digestate is known as a nutrient-rich fibrous substance produced by anaerobic digestion, and there is an increasing demand on dried digestate for animal bedding, fertiliser, and other on-farm use. Especially for on-Farm AD projects, the post-AD processes: dewatering and drying digestate become inevitable considering the saving on transport cost and reuse of heat from engine and CHP units.

The biomass & waste dryer will efficiently dry digestate from a maximum moisture content of 75% down to below 10% if required. If higher input moisture is required this can be achieved through the addition of our back-mixing system.

Twin Conveyor Drier Alvan Blanch
Alvan Blanch CD Drier Drying Woodchip 2

Waste drying (SRF – Solid Recovered Fuel; MSW – Municipal solid waste;  RDF – Refuse Derived Fuel)

The world’s continuous development brings new challenges to the environment. The population growth leads to an exponential growth of waste reducing the landfill sites’ capacities to deal with the current amount of waste materials produced.

The Alvan Blanch biomass & waste dryers play key parts in the waste processing cycle.

By removing the moisture content of waste, you get the benefit of:

  • Reducing the weight and volume for transport or landfill disposal.
  • Increasing the calorific value to be used as biomass fuel.
  • Improving the recyclability of plastics and other recycled products increasing the efficiency of the sorting systems.
  • Improving calorific properties of materials for an optimised pyrolysis processing converting the dried materials into fuel, oils, tar and gas.

The special louvered bed design also allows the dewatering of waste muds and sludges to be converted into fertilisers which can then reduce the cost of transport.

Key benefits of the Alvan Blanch Biomass and Waste Dryers

These systems are capable of handling very wet products, in particular our Rotary Dryer range. They are suitable for those who are looking for an efficient drier in a smaller footprint, as these systems can be run on a variety of heat sources, including the waste heat from a biomass boiler. These varied heat sources ensure the environmental impact of the drying system is greatly reduced.

The Alvan Blanch biomass & waste dryer range gives the user complete control of the machine settings. This allows for control of the conditions and a more consistent process that ensures the quality of the end product.

Alongside the drying process, there is a range of auxiliary equipment to support the production and use of biomass. Alvan Blanch manufacture a full range of hammermills, briquetting presses, pelleting presses, and choppers.

An Alvan Blanch complete biomass drying system is the best way to optimise your project and ensure you retain the quality of your woodchip and biomass. We work to build a complete solution around your needs – no matter how big or small.


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