Canadian Winter Challenges

Alvan Blanch Barley Grass Drier
Harvest 2019 will be described by few as an “easy one”. In the UK, we have seen areas of widespread flooding and some very difficult patches of weather. For some, particularly in the North and Scotland, this has caused huge delays or the total destruction of crops.

However, it seems as though few farmers have had to battle the elements as in Western Canada. With a very wet summer, and the first snow storms beginning in August, harvest has been a really tough time for many land owners across the Western provinces. The melting snow and rain has meant some crops have had to be abandoned, and others brought in extremely wet.

With the option of bringing the crops in very wet, or not at all, farmers have been left with no choice but to find an effective way to remove this moisture.

The design and complete control features of the Double Flow Grain Dryer make it the ideal solution for very wet grain. Unlike within a tower drier, the grain is laid flat on the bed and can be pushed through the drier at a gentle pace – this ensures an even dry for every grain. Several of our Canadian customers have contacted us to say that their AB drier has been a real saviour during this harvest. 

Battling through the snow and rain, the chances to harvest can be few and far between. This is where another one of our drier features really comes into play… With the potential for multiple crops to be brought in and to be dried simultaneously, the Double Flow Grain Dryer has the capability for instant crop follow-on. This feature means there is no downtime between crops, allowing farmers to get on with the really important tasks. This is another example of the Double Flow’s capabilities beyond a tower drier.

One farmer from Alberta sent us this image (on right) of his drier, with canola going in straight after wheat.

For us, it is gratifying to see that we can provide reliable solutions for these farmers, at a time when they really do need it most.

We have had several other drier success stories come from Canada in the past few months, our personal favourite being the story of a DF22000 that is drying peas.

This drier has been working for the past five years, and has dried an incredible 250,000 tonnes of peas during that period. This is impressive enough on its own, but the real wow factor of this story comes from the fact there have been no worn or broken parts! This customer has been so impressed with this drier, that they have purchased another two. 

Grain Dryer Crop follow on - Alvan Blanch


In the past year alone, we have supplied 20 driers to Dave Ross Equipment in Spirit River, AB.