Barley Grass Dryer installed in NSW, Australia

Alvan Blanch - Conveyor Dryer - Barley Grass Dryer

With a peak in popularity in the 1950’s, grass is one of the oldest crops that we process with our dryers, after grain. It was during this time that the Conveyor Dryer was born, created to move non-flowing products, such as grass. This Conveyor Dryer looked rather different to the one we know today. Our current Conveyor Dryer was designed around 20 years ago, and remains as the most trusted drier for non-flowing products. However, 60 years on, and grass remains as one of the most popular products to be run through a Conveyor Dryer. Although these days, they go a little further than they did in the 50’s…

This PCD10600 (Portable Conveyor Dryer) has travelled over 10,000 miles, from our factory, to its new home in the state of New South Wales in Australia, to dry barley grass. Although every year hundreds of tonnes of barley go through Alvan Blanch dryers, it is not often that we dry barley grass.

With the sunny climates of Australia it seems as though drying would not form part of an Australian harvest. However, as in other climates, drying allows farmers to control the moisture content of their crops and how it is brought down for storage. This control is an essential part of processing barley grass.

Harvested when it is still young and green, barley grass is the leafy section of the barley plant. Full of nutrients and minerals, it is often used as a dietary supplement – particularly useful for those with B12 deficiencies. It is a popular crop due to its ability to grow in such a wide range of climates.

Barley grass powder on a spoon with freshly grown barley grass
Barley grass powder on a spoon with freshly grown barley grass

As the plant has to be harvested when it is young to maintain its high nutritional value, gentle handling and heat is necessary to ensure that minimal nutrients are lost. This is what drew this customer to a Conveyor Dryer. The CD gives you a complete range of control across the entire drier, allowing for an extremely gentle processing system. For this customer, the spinners are set to move slowly, so as not to break the crop down, but allow it to move through the dryer.

To secure the colour and nutrients, a low drying temperature is completely essential. The Alvan Blanch barley grass dryer moves the barley grass slowly along the bed – ensuring an even drying with temperatures as low as 60 degrees Celsius.

Australia has become a thriving market for us, with our APAC Sales Manager getting involved in some really interesting projects – looking at products that we have not seen anywhere else. With most of our projects in the states of Queensland and New South Wales, we look forward to see what the future holds for Alvan Blanch in the beautiful country of Australia.