Sack Weighers

The Net Sack Weigher is suitable for a majority of packaging applications, where a moderate throughput is required.

Sack Weigher - Alvan Blanch
Two Alvan Blanch Sack Weighing Systems

Two complete Sack packing lines – Nigeria

Key Features

  • For highly accurate gross filling /weighing of sacks
  • Range from 10 to 50 kg- extendable up to 100 kgs or down to 5 kgs on request.
  • Suitable for grain, meal, Pour and most other products.
  • Reliable and easy to operate mechanical system
  • Capacity up to 60 t/hr (20 bags per minute)

The weigher is a complete mechanical system featuring: a body with steep valley angles, precision steel knife edges, pendulum balance indicator, beam dashpot damping, precision catchgate, and an adjustable material flow regulator. The interchangeable quick release sack holders are available in three sizes, and suit all standard sacks (paper, hessian, polypropylene).

 As the new sack is being filled, the previous sacks can be passed through a stitcher. The Weigher can be set to be fully automated to work without operator intervention, but accuracy can’t be ensured. Throughput rates up to 60 t/hr (20 bags per minute).

Filling accuracy depends on operator – but ± 0.25% (125 grammes on 50kg) is easily achievable – operator only has to check if indicator pin is in correct position. In the case of fine, non-free flowing materials (flour etc) it is generally necessary to fit a screw feeder between the feed hopper outlet and the weigher. For coarse but non-free flowing products (cake etc), the belt feeder option is required. These feeders are operated by a limit switch on the weigher.

The operator places a sack in to the sack holder and opens the feed handle; the material will flow in to the sack, cutting off automatically just before the correct weight is reached. The operator will then jog the remainder in to the sack, by small deflections of the feed handle, until the pendulum weight indicator shows the correct weight. The filled sack is then manually removed.

Alvan Blanch Bagging System and Meal Mixer Muesly Molasses UAE 6 sack per minute 18 tph
Bagging System 6 sack per minute / 18 tph – UAE


Belt or screw feeders – for non free flowing products.

Pneumatic foot operated sack holders – for faster operation.

Mobile stand – so weigher can be moved between hoppers

Exhaust – ventilation and dust collection systems.

Trip counter – to record of number of weighments made.

Stainless steel contact parts – required by some industries.

Feed hopper – weigher must be installed beneath a hopper of minimum 500 kg capacity, to which it is flange mounted.

Alvan Blanch Bagging System Saudi Arabia 8 sack per minute 24tph
Bagging System 8 sack per minute / 24tph – Saudi Arabia
Alvan Blanch Small Sack Weigher With Hopper

Small Sack Weigher with hopper and screw feed

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