Sack Sealing

Alvan Blanch offers a complete range of heavy duty sack sealing solutions supplied as standalone units or complete automated lines when reliability is the primary requirement.

Alvan Blanch Sack Stitcher
Alvan Blanch Sack Stitching System

Industrial stitching line

Industrial Stitching Lines

For high throughput semi or fully automated stitching, operating over extended periods, our industrial duty stitching heads are the ideal solution.

The pedestal mounted ‘M’ range heavy duty stitching head offers high speed performance (up to 2200 stitches/min), ultimate reliability and minimised downtime, with its patented pressurised self lubrication system. Stitching rates of up to 20 x 50 kg bags/min can be achieved on automated versions.

It is available as a complete system in three standard forms (each of which should be used with a sack conveyor):-

MP: for manual operation – with adjustable column, 1 ph motor and electric foot switch control.
MS: for semi-automatic operation – with column, 3 ph motor, finger switch bag sensor (to start stitcher) and automated pneumatic thread cut off.
MTS: fully automated – as for the MS version but with the addition of an in-feed belt unit, to grip and present the top of the bag to the stitcher automatically.

Alvan Blanch Sack Track

Sack Conveyor Track

Sack Stitchers

  • Extra heavy duty
  • Unrivalled reliability
  • Fast simple operation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • For all types of sacks
The Alvan Blanch stitcher represents the ideal solution for the closing of all sack types (polypropylene, paper, jute etc) – where reliability is a primary requirement. The unit is simple to operate and typically can handle six 50 Kg bags/min.
Designed and built to perform even in the most arduous of conditions, with specially designed bearings, chrome plated feed dog, 2 position needle bar support and one shot lubrication system; this all contributes to performance, dependability and an extended working life. The housing is cast in aluminium with a corrosion resistant finish, carefully machined to close tolerances to accept accurate and stable alignment of all moving parts. Hardened steel components are used throughout the machine.

An important feature is the patented central lubrication system which distributes oil from an internal reservoir to all critical friction areas. The single-phase motor is double insulated for safety and dust protection.

Alvan Blanch Portable Sack Stitcher

Portable Sack Stitcher

Alvan Blanch Heat Sealer

Heavy Duty Heat Sealer

The Control Module

The first two digits control the impulse sealing time. The third digit determines the trim time which compensates for any possible heat build-up in the sealing jaws. A potentiometer is used to adjust the cooling time ie. the time between sealing and when the bars are released.

Safety Features

The source of the heating current, through the sealing bars, is isolated from the mains supply and is a safe, low voltage. This ensures that the exposed element connections do not cause an operator hazard. The seal bars close immediately on operation of the foot switch but will only remain closed if the seal bars meet. If the operator’s fingers are left between the bars, the full pressure will not be exerted and the heating current will not be applied. The bars will open as soon as the foot switch is released.

Heavy Duty Heat Sealers

  • Automatic sealing bar operation
  • Digital control setting
  • Seals double thickness of 1000 gauge polythene
  • Robust construction
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Plug-in control module
  • Wide range of bar lengths
  • Heat compensation for repeatable seal quality
  • Impulse sealing for most materials
  • 230 V mains operated
  • Low power usage
  • Compact version also available
  • Optional vacuum sealing attachment

Alvan Blanch Heavy Duty Heat Sealers are suitable for use with polythene sheet and other materials.

Sealing is achieved through the simultaneous application of heat and pressure, both of which are controlled automatically – once the bag has been presented to the sealing bars. The bars generate heat through impulse, and will only be energised when used for sealing. The machine has an electronic module that can be used to adjust the machine settings, ensuring accuracy for product type and size. The heating time is selected by using decade switches and the cooling time is adjusted with a rotary potentiometer There is a trim control which is used to prevent excessive heat build-up when the jaws are operated. Solenoids are used to close the sealing bars and these operate with a two-stage action, for safety. The Sealer has a pneumatic foot switch, so that the operator has both hands free for bag presentation.

The unit is built from sheet and box section steel, and is supplied complete with a floor stand, sack support, foot switch and mains cable. Versions are also available for bench top mounting and vacuum sealing.

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