Roller Mills

Alvan Blanch manufacture Roller Mills, with proven high-performance results on a variety of cereals and pulses.

Alvan Blanch RV280 Roller Mill
Alvan Blanch Roller Mill with feed hopper 1

Roller mill with feed hopper and discharge auger

Installation Options:

  • Mixer Frame: To position mill onto Alvan Blanch mixer.
  • Support Stand: For independent operation with side chute or screw discharge.
  • PTO drive/static stand: available on RV280 & RV420 models.
  • Totally portable mill package: PTO driven mill on extra heavy duty frame with skid base and fork lift points.
Alvan Blanch Mill Mixer System

Meal mixer with roller mill no top

 Other Options: 

  • Double Roll Drive: Recommended for use on maize, beans etc. and consists of a pair of gears – can be ordered with the machine or can be very easily self-fitted retrospectively.
  • Probe switch: detects when the hopper is empty and shuts the mill down after a preset time delay.
  • Magnets: 2 high performance bar type magnets conveniently located in feed hopper – strongly recommended for protection from ferrous foreign objects (which can cause damage to roll surface or injuries to livestock).

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Key features: 

  • High performance on all cereals/pulses
  • Easy roll setting adjustment to vary degree of crush
  • Roll feed avoids blocking by trash
  • Large diameter rolls – extra contact
  • Much reduced noise and vibration
  • Low maintenance, in-built reliability
  • Enclosed body for dust suppression & safety
  • Capable of flat rolling
  • Extra robust construction
  • Capacity range from 500 – 5000kg/hr
  • Static and mobile versions

The Alvan Blanch mills are supplied fully assembled and ready to work. All settings are easily adjusted, roll setting, feed rate, crush levels, as standard. They are designed to reduce noise and vibration, keeping the machine low maintenance. The RV mills have capacities from 500-5000kg/hr.

 RV mills are built to last, with a main body of continuous welded 10mm plate. The large diameter (355 mm) rolls, one grooved and one plain, are quality cast iron. The design of the feed hopper ensures maximum crop exposure to the drive roll, avoiding blockages, and anti-intrusion bars restrain large stones and other larger debris. This provides extended roller life.

 Static, mobile, and tractor mounted models are available.

Alvan Blanch chilled rolls

 Solid Chilled Rolls:

  • Solid Chilled Rolls are fitted as standard on the RV 420 model and are available as an optional upgrade on the RV 140 and RV280 models.
  • The much greater mass of the solid rolls mean lower vibration and enhanced performance, particularly on flaked products.
  • The properties of chilled cast iron are high hardness coupled with high compressive strength. The resulting combination is very high resistance to wear. Chilled cast iron is not machinable in the ordinary sense, due to its hardness. It is commonly referred to as “nearly diamond hard” or as “hard as a file”.
  • Because the rolls are the working surfaces of any roller mill, extra money spent here on quality will pay you back big dividends.
Alvan Blanch Roller Mill RV280 PTO

RV280 Roller Mill with PTO


Models Drive Output (kg/hr) Roll Dimensions
diameter x width
kW hp Flat – Lightly cracked mm
RV140 4 5.5 500 – 1100 355 x 140
5.5 7.5 600 – 1350
RV280 7.5 10 950 – 2100 355 x 280
11 15 1200 – 2700
RV420 15 20.6 2000 – 4500 355 x 420

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