Rice Mill

The Alvan Blanch rice milling units perform the full process of husk and bran removal – delivering good quality white rice with low levels of breakage. They represent an ideal investment for small rural enterprises or village groups seeking higher quality rice production than can be achieved using traditional hullers.

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Alvan Blanch Rice Cleaning and Milling System

Rice Mill with Cleaning & Destoning – Liberia


The rice mill is a compact two-stage system. Paddy is fed into the hopper. Flow is regulated from the hopper into the rubber roll sheller – where the gap between the rolls is conveniently adjusted via an external wheel handle to achieve the optimum balance between hulling percentage and minimization of breakage.

Alvan Blanch Rice Mill How it works

A vigorous, finely adjustable, aspiration chamber draws husk away from the hulled brown rice. Small/immature grains are also separated. The brown rice drops into the cylindrical pearler rotating inside a screen with pressurized air flow to remove bran. The degree of whitening is regulated by the adjustable outlet flap. The white rice is finally exposed to an air jet on exiting the machine – to remove any loose dust.

Key Features

  • High output capacity
  • Space saving design
  • Easy to operate and service
  • Low power consumption
  • No rubber brakes used – lower downtime
  • High head rice recovery – less broken rice
  • Automatic adjustments allows whiter rice
  • Cost effective investment in rice milling

Robustly built – the mills give dependable service over many years.
Specialist wearing parts are restricted principally to rubber rolls and screens for pearler section. These parts are manufactured of the highest quality materials to prolong life and yet are affordably priced.

Cleaned and milled rice

Cleaned and milled rice


Standard options include 600 mm support stand to allow convenient collection of rice (this can also be achieved using concrete plinth); Feed elevator; Diesel engine drive (in place
of electric motor).

Alvan Blanch Rice Mill RM1000 1


Model Capacity
(hp) / (Kw)
RM 1000 1100-1250 20 / 15 107x76x176 230

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