Batch Dryer

With a simple assembly process and galvanised steel components, Alvan Blanch Batch Dryers are the right solution for those in need of efficient simplicity.

Batch Dryer - Alvan Blanch
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Affordable Louvered Bed Drying

Benefit the high-end Alvan Blanch louvered bed drying technology at a lower cost. The louvered bed system ensures even drying on the whole drying bed surface using all heat and with no energy waste. 

Easy to Assembly and to Operate

The Batch Dryer is easy to assembly as it is supplied flat-packed, reducing the transport costs, which is crucial when reaching remote areas.
The Dryer operation is also very simple. There is a platform for easy tipping into the drier and gravity assisted unloading. Other mechanised options can be added to improve loading and unloading operations.

Energy Efficient

The dryer approximately removes up to 1-2% of moisture per hour. The static Batch Dryer models have the option of a Heat Exchanger. The Heat Exchanger provides 100% clean hot air back in to the dryer, meaning that no burner emissions will taint the crops. 

Flexible and Bespoke

As with all Alvan Blanch products, our design team will help you to create the right solution for you.  The static dryers have the option of either a Single or Double Bed (distinctive Alvan Blanch Louvered Bed, as used in our Double Flow Dryer). The Batch Dryer range does also contain a mobile version, for those who need true flexibility with their crop processing.


With the Batch Dryer you can dry:

Dried Wheat-Alvan Blanch Wheat Dryer


Dried Oats-Alvan-Blanch-Oats-Dryer


Dried Barley-Alvan-Blanch-Barley-Dryer


Dried Paddy Rice-Alvan-Blanch-Paddy-Rice-Dryer

Paddy Rice

Dried Maize-Alvan-Blanch-Maize-Dryer


Dried Grass Seed -Alvan-Blanch-Grass-Seed-Dryer

Grass Seed

Dried Sorghum-Alvan-Blanch-Sorghum-Dryer


Dried Soya-Beans-Alvan-Blanch-Soya-Beans-Dryer

Soya Beans

Dried Cocoa Beans-Alvan-Blanch-Cocoa-Beans-Dryer


Dried Almonds-Alvan-Blanch-Almonds-Dryer


...and many more crops!

Batch Driers’ Specifications

Models Batch Cap.(T)
Single bed driers
BD 2500 E – c/w 3kW electric motor and control panel 2.5
BD5000 E – c/w 4kW electric motor and control panel 5
BD7500 E – c/w 5.5kW electric motor and control panel 7.5
Twin bed driers
BD2500/2 E – c/w 4kW electric motor and control panel 5
BD5000/2 E – c/w 7.5kW electric motor and control panel 10
BD7500/2 E – c/w 11kW electric motor and control panel 15
Alvan Blanch BD 5000 Batch Drier 2

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