Tubular Screw Conveyors

Alvan Blanch Screw Conveyor Long
Screw Conveyors Alvan Blanch Feed Mill

Screw Conveyors assembled in a poultry mash system  – Nigeria

Key Features

  • Sizes from 160mm to 250mm diameter for use at any angle up to 75 degrees.
  • Suitable for all cereals, peas, pulses and granular products.
  • Durable galvanised steel finish (powder coated as an option) – good corrosion resistance
  • Reliable v belt drive.
  • Direct drive on low capacity models and geared motor and chain drive on large capacity models.
  • Self lube bearings – low maintenance.
  • Lengths made to customers exact requirements – ease of plant design.
  • Heavy duty flights mounted on large diameter inner tube.
  • Heavy duty continuous seam welded outer tube.
  • Intermediate bearings on all lengths over 3M.
  • 3 ph electric motor as standard.
  • All joints have folded flanges for easy installation.
  • Flanged inlet and outlet as standard.
  • Special inlet hoppers and outlet adaptors made to order.

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