Rotary Dryer

Alvan Blanch Rotary Driers are split out in to two models, both of which are very efficient and suited to a wide variety of crops.

Alvan Blanch CRD Rotary Drier
Alvan Blanch Rotary Drier with feeder UK

Continuous Rotary Drier with conveyor feeder

Continuous Rotary Dryer

  • Optimum conservation of nutritional properties – due to low temperatures used
  • Convenient, automated operation – virtually maintenance free

The Continuous Rotary Dryer is able to operate at very low temperatures, meaning it is able to provide several benefits for the customer. One of these is that it is able to better preserve the nutritional benefits of the crop that is being dried. For certain crops, this is essential to their value.

The internal configuration will be customised depending on the product that is being dried, but every drier has a highly insulated drum to ensure minimal heat loss. The machine has a completely automated operation, and this makes it virtually maintenance free.

Batch Rotary Dryer

  • Highly efficient – low energy consumption
  • A single machine – can be supplied for a range of different uses
  • Can also act as a mixer – to add other ingredients to the material after drying

The Rotary Batch Dryer is suited to drying a wide range of crops, specialising in very wet and dense products. The loaded products will be continually re-circulated until the product is dry. An internal steam manifold means that the products can be sterilised once dried.

The dryer can also act as a mixer, with the ability to add other products post-drying. Removing the need for complex processing systems.

Rotary Dryer - Alvan Blanch

Batch Rotary Drier

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