De-Stoner (Pressure Type)

A reliable solution when the removal of all stones, from almost any granular product, is required.

DS5 Destoner Pressure Type Alvan Blanch
  • Suitable for a wide variety of products
  • Easy to clean, minimum maintenance
  • Remove stones, metal etc., accurately and reliably
  • Simple and fine adjustment for optimum performance
  • Positive locking to maintain settings – giving consistency

The working principles of the destoner are shown in figure below. The basic principle of the destoner is to effectively separate ‘heavier than product’ debris such as glass, stones and metal from a large range of grains and oil seeds.

The separation process is relatively simple. This involves allowing dry granular material to flow over an inclined vibrating screen covered deck. Air from a pressure fan located within the body of the machine is forced up through the deck and through the bed of material.

DS3 Destoner Pressure Type Alvan Blanch

DS3 Destoner

The air flow holds the product in stratified flotation according to specific gravity differences whilst the reciprocating action of the deck separates the heavy material from the lighter grain or oil seed. Heavy product is discharged from the high end of the deck, entirely separate from the light particles (grains/oil seeds) which are discharged from the lower end.

Alvan Blanch destoners are remarkably fast and thorough when removing heavy material. They are constructed of heavy gauge steel and driven by a unique eccentric drive which is counterbalanced for years of trouble-free operation.

DS Destoner Working Principle
De-Stoner - Alvan BLanch

DS5 Destoner

DS Series De-stoner Range and Specifications

Model DS3 DS5
Capacity Up to 2 t/hr Up to 5 t/hr
Electric power  4 kW  4.5 kW
Length 1320 mm 1620 mm
Width 1270 mm 1562 mm
Height 1550 mm 1629 mm
Approximate weight 230 kg 540 kg


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