Pelleting Press

Alvan Blanch Pelleting Presses are suited for both commercial feed mills and on-farm plants.

Pelleting Press - Alvan Blanch
Alvan Blanch Pelleting Press Producing Pellets

Pelleting press with conditioner producing pellets



Mounted above the press, incorporating a variable speed screw feeder. This can be adjusted to achieve a constant maximised load on the press drive motors. The conditioner feed worm controls flow rate into the press. In the conditioner, meal is mixed with steam, cooked and the starches gelatinised. Steam addition achieves an optimum moisture level and temperature for good pelleting results. Molasses can also be added in the conditioner.

Conditioned meal is presented to the centre of the die. As the die revolves the rollers rotate and force meal into the holes where compression takes place. As pellets are extruded from the die they are cut off by adjustable knives before falling through the outlet in the base of the door. The pellets are hot and soft and therefore require immediate cooling, in order to harden them suitably for mechanised handling or packaging. Normally, the cooled pellets are sieved to remove fine particles. Press maintenance can be simplified by the addition of an optional automatic lubrication system.

Key Features

  • Reduced feed transport cost
  • Reduced wastage
  • Improved feed palatability
  • Prevention of mix separation
  • Higher rate of weight gain
  • Increased roughage inclusion

Alvan Blanch pelleting machines are manufactured to last, made from high quality materials, and created for continuous operation. The die is held vertically and rotates around two, independently adjustable, hardened and fluted friction rollers; each roller is fitted with the replaceable shells. Rapid changing of the die is assured by the design of the die clamp and the hinged door. The mechanism is protected by a shear pin; when the machine is overloaded, the pin will fall and the machine will stop automatically.


These are constructed in chrome alloy steel to high degrees of tolerance. A wide range of hole sizes (2-16mm) and different specifications are available.

Alvan Blanch Pelleting Press ABP250

ABP250 Pelleting press


There are a range of options available for our pelleting presses:

  • Stainless steel conditioner and screw feeder, for longer life, and especially useful when high temperatures or acidic materials are involved.
  • Water or steam conditioning can be used for increased capacity and reduced wear. A range of steam boilers are avaliable from Alvan Blanch.
  • Extra fluted or dimpled rollers and a range of die size from 2-16mm diameter.

Other Materials

The Alvan Blanch range of pelleting presses are also capable of processing a wide range of other materials such as wood, straw, manure etc.


Models Die Diameter
Capacity (tph) Motor (kW)
Main Drive Conditioner Feed Screw
ABP250 250 0.5-1 1×22 2.2 0.55
ABP350 350 1-2.5 2×30 3 0.75
ABP420 420 2.5-5 2×55 7.5 1.5
ABP520 520 5-7 2×75 11 2.2
ABP650 650 7-10 2×110 11 4
ABP800 800 10-12 2×132 15 4


  1. Drive units specified are those normally fitted, but for certain applications motors of alternative size are used.
  2. Output figures are for guidance purposes only, based on 3.5mm die size and a typical feed ration after conditioning with steam.