Moving Bed Conveyor Dryer

The Alvan Blanch Moving Bed Conveyor Dryer / Cooler is the culmination of well tested design and manufacture of the highest possible standards. A versatile machine that can be adapted to cater for a wide range of drying requirements.

Alvan Blanch Moving Tray Drier
Moving bed conveyor dryer


The main principle behind the operation of the dryer / cooler is a conveying band formed from a number of perforated steel or stainless trays pivoted between two chains. This conveying band eliminates attrition of the product by moving parts and is chain driven from an inverter speed controller.

These flat trays carry measured amounts of product, at a uniform depth from the spreader in the drive section to the tail section where guides allow the trays to pivot and transfer the product from the top to the bottom deck. On the bottom deck the guides relocate the trays back into a horizontal position prior to collecting the falling product from the top deck.

The dryer is heated by high performance, high efficiency pressure jet burners (diesel or gas fired) although other heating options are available such as steam, hot water, waste heat, biomass etc. Aspiration of the dryer bed is achieved via the use of individually adjustable aspiration hoods which are connected via a duct and cyclone system to a high performance fan unit. The Alvan Blanch range of dryer/coolers can be tailored to meet a wide range demands/requirements and are infinitely variable with speed, capacity, bed depth and heat application easily controlled, altered and monitored.

  • Handles pelleted, flaked, extruded products
  • Moving bed eliminates product attrition
  • Variable heat application
  • Variable Bed Depth
  • Cost-effective and durable
  • Very low maintenance
  • Low installation cost
  • Operational Capacity Range from 5 -15 t/hr
  • Heavy duty construction

The Moving Bed Conveyor Dryer (also known as Tray Dryer) consists of three main prefabricated units. These units comprise a drive end section, intermediate sections (the number of which determines the size and capacity of the machine) and a tail end section. Units are available in full stainless steel or mild steel (protectively coated inside and out improving lifespan and appearance). The dryer trays are made from 2mm thick perforated stainless steel or mild steel and are supported by white Nylon rollers.

Each section, including the intermediate sections, includes a hinged inspection/access door to enable a sample of the product to be removed for testing. The drive and tail sections include additional doors for easy maintenance and assembly.

Tray movement of a stainless steel Moving Bed Conveyor Dryer

How it Works

Alvan Blanch Moving Tray Diagram
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Model Capacity Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)
TDC — 40 4 ton/hr 6.1m x 2.02m x 1.97m
TDC — 75 7 ton/hr 10.3m x 2.02m x 1.97m
TDC — 95 10 ton/hr 14.5m x 2.02m x 1.97m
TDC — 102 12 ton/hr 16.6m x 2.02m x 1.97m

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