Fan / Heater Unit

The Fan / Heater is designed to dry the crop on a ventilated platform. The fan has been designed to be high-performance, and low noise with a backward curved centrifugal fan rotor.

Fan Heater unit - Alvan Blanch
Alvan Blanch Fan Heater System Heat Exchanger option

Fan / Heater unit with heat exchanger

The fan heater units are designed to work in conjunction with a perforated platform on which the wet crop is laid – to a depth of about 30 cm (depending on crop). The stem and leaf of any type of plant can be dried, as well as grains and roots. Very dense matter such as large roots can need a much slower drying time at a greater bed depth and a lower airflow.

The fan delivers controlled temperature for drying, this is generally around 40°C, and in most cases the crop will be dry within around 2 hours. The fan is designed to operate continually without supervision.

Greater fuel economy can be achieved by designing the installation so that in the latter stages of drying when the exhaust air is not saturated with moisture, a proportion of the waste heat can be recycled back into the fan furnace.


Model Platform area (m2) Dry Crop per 24hrs (kg) Wet crop per 24hrs (kg) Fan Diameter (mm) Drive (kW) Fuel Consumption (LPG kg/hr)
B04 4 40 200 281 0.55 0.4
B15 15 150 750 500 2.2 5.5
B25 25 250 1250 560 4 9
B40 40 400 2000 630 7.5 14.5
B80 80 800 4000 900 15 29