Compost Mixer

Alvan Blanch Compost Mixers are ideal for blending a wide range of products of varying densities; peat, heavy earth, soil, bark, grit, fertilizers, minerals etc. Their heavy-duty design also makes them suitable for many industrial applications. Compost Mixers can be used to good effect as self-emptying reserve hoppers.

Alvan Blanch Compost Mixer

Key Features

    • Low level easy fill chute for whole bales
    • Compact, mobile low-profile design
    • Breaks peat lumps – avoiding structural damage
    • Raised discharge end – direct feed to potting
    • Gentle action yet quick batch turn-around
    • Fully pre-wired, mix and watering timers
    • Homogeneous mixing – no product separation
    • Extra robust build and low maintenance
    • Suitable for non-granular materials
    • Pneumatic or mechanical discharge systems
    • Various filtration solutions
Mixer highres Ab Sticker


The ingredients are loaded to the mixer via the loading door, or top feed hopper and a safety lock-out switch ensures the machine can’t be operated whilst the low-level loading chute is open. The Alvan Blanch Compost Mixer has a gentle, but rapid action. The moving conveyor draws the material up the inclined base of the Compost Mixer, and the material is laterally mixed through a segmented agitator. The material then goes backwards down the incline. The time can be set to suit the product type and condition. The Mixer ensures that separation does not occur during extended mixing time or unloading. Mixed product is discharged from the machine by opening the slides on the outlet chute.


The shell of the Compost Mixer is constructed in a heavy gauge steel (3mm base thickness). The high breaking strain and slat conveyor both run on cast sprockets, mounted on shafts with sealed bearings. The top of the Mixer is easily removable, for maintenance and cleaning access. An internal watering bar is fitted as standard; pneumatic wheels and rubber tyred castors allow for ease of movement. The Compost Mixers are fully wired, with a mounted control panel. For safe operation in the nursery, the mixer utilizes a 24 volt control circuit, and integral mix and water spray timers are fitted as standard.

Optional Equipment

    • Feed/Discharge Mechanisms – to bagging chutes or direct to potting unit/conveyor
    • Weighing/ Volumetric Batching – complete automatic electronic weighing and volumetric batch control systems
    • Dust Control – for complete control of hazardous materials to suit all necessary regulations
    • Top Inlet Hopper – for bulk loading
    • Extra Heavy-Duty Versions – with 5 mm thick base and 3 mm sides for highly abrasive materials, heavy earth etc
    • Special Versions – to suit client’s own requirements can be produced to order


Alvan Blanch Compost Mixer Top Feed Hopper

Top feed hopper for bucket feeding of loose materials

Compost Mixer Specifications

Models Batch Volume (1) Drive (2) Length (3) Width (4) Height Discharge Height (5)
CM45 1300 Litres 2.2 kW 2.9 m 1.33 m 1.65 m 1.06 m
CM90 2500 Litres 5.5 kW 3.65 m 1.65 m 1.84 m 1.28 m


  1. Batch volume relates to maximum usable space in the Mixer
  2. Drive – power requirements are upgraded (or extra heavy duty versions
  3. Length: with back hopper closed
  4. Width: Over drive guard
  5. Discharge height; Without discharge chute fitted

Further information or advice on applications involving unusual rations – consult or Technical Department.

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