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Rice Parboiling &
Milling System

4 tonnes/hour

Kebbi State – Nigeria


Inclined elevator delivers paddy grain via aspirator to pre-cleaner on platform, feeding into existing de-stoner.
The high capacity batching hopper on the right, allows rapid discharge of clean paddy into parboiling tanks.


The overhead soaking and steaming tanks are conveniently accessed by a steel staircase. Inclined elevator delivers paddy to feed the tanks.


Complete rice mill in the foreground with the parboiling section in the distance. The multistage rice mill is mounted on a platform for convenient discharge, after sifting of brokens, directly into sacking hopper with automatic weigher.


The twin soaking and steaming tanks, positioned directly above the batch drier, allow rapid discharge and convenient operation. Drainage channels in floor are under construction.


The rice mill with bucket elevated feed. Collection cyclones for bran.

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