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Rice Parboiling &
Milling System

50 tonnes/hour

Kwara State – Nigeria

Reception, Cleaning, Destoning, Bulk Storage


Mechanical reception hopper allows fast sack tipping.


Two x1500 tonnes bulk storage silos with tempering bins.


Cleaning and destoning section.

Parboiling (Hot Soaking & Steaming), Drying


Distribution of paddy, water and steam to the four tanks.


Inside the Double Flow – the parboiled paddy is dried carefully and efficiently with low, uncompacted, bed.


Four soaking/steaming tanks with continuous flow drier and holding bin to rice mill (on right) and tempering bins (on left).

Rice Milling,
Optical Sorting, Packing


Optical sorter for removing discoloured grains.


Air conditioned room on platform for optical sorter with overhead bins and sacking station.


Multistage rice mill from left to right; husking, paddy separation, whitening, polishing, sifting, optical sorting and sacking.

Husk Fired Steam Generation


The steam heat exchanger heats hot air to drier.


Plant can operate 2 or 3 shifts.


The husk fired steam boiler with husk store, ash settling chamber in brickwork and fan & cyclone with chimney.


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