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Drying & Cleaning System

25 different locations – Nigeria

  • The 25 plants are for GRAIN AGGREGATION CENTRES set up by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Nigeria throughout the country as the first phase of a programme to encourage crop production and reduce post-harvest losses by providing local distribution points where grain can be received, dried, cleaned and safely stored.
  • Each plant can handle from 25 tonne/day (drying and cleaning) up to 75 tonne/day (cleaning only).
  • The plant is designed to fit a simple warehouse with flat concrete floor (no pits) and the package includes all supporting steelwork.
  • The system design provides flexibility and convenient operation, while avoiding unnecessary over-complication.
  • Alvan Blanch equipment is robust and reliable; ready to give many years of service.

The complete system with dry grain reception and driers in the foreground and cleaning system at the rear.

Maize grains

The system can process Paddy Rice, Maize and
many other crops with extra screens.


Two BD5000 batch driers feed into an unloading conveyor which is equipped with reception hopper for dry grain tipping (right of image). Sacks are tipped into batch driers via the rear access platforms.


Dried grain is released to the takeaway conveyor by the convenient control slides. The drying beds are made up of overlapping galvanised steel louvres.


Each drier is equipped with fan and furnace, oil burner with fuel tank and oil line/filter.


The conveyor feeds via bucket elevator to the cleaner with overflow to holding bin, which feeds back to conveyor when reception flow ceases.


The rotary cleaner with powerful aspirator positioned on access platform, allowing convenient sacking of good grain and trash. A cyclone collects light trash.

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