Conveyor Dryer

No other range of dryers can match the variety and condition of materials that can be, and have successfully been, handled by our Conveyor Dryer.

CD Drier 1080

Truly Multi-purpose Drying Technology


The dryer will handle most materials in any condition.


Provides high quality dried product, preserves
the nutrients and keeps natural colour of your product.


The Conveyor Dryer is equipped with special low noise centrifugal fans. Noise is generated at low level, so can easily be restrained, if needed.

Alvan Blanch Biomass Drier CD13300 Czech Republic


Mechanical flow via variable speed drive.


All motors are driven by variable speed drives providing precise control and optimum power usage.


12 months warranty with extension to a 2 year servicing and warranty package at an attractive additional charge (subject to specific conditions) plus worldwide support.

Conveyor Drier CD31000 Spain


Conveyor Dryer - Alvan Blanch - Croatia

The Conveyor Dryer range has been introduced as the
multi-purpose tool for all your drying needs drying a varied range of materials within the agricultural, renewable energy and environmental sectors.

We understand that some farms do more than harvesting so with the Conveyor Dryer, you can dry your cereals during harvest and then dry straw, forage crops, herbs, or woodchip throughout the rest of the year, getting the best return of investment.

This dryer has expansive capabilities and is suitable for a large variety of processing needs. Alvan Blanch customers already witnessed outstanding drying results from conveyor dryer applications on woodchip, digestate, grass, straw, animal manure, and many other product types. 

With the Conveyor Dryer you can dry:

Dried Wheat-Alvan Blanch Wheat Dryer


Dried Oats-Alvan-Blanch-Oats-Dryer


Dried Barley-Alvan-Blanch-Barley-Dryer


Dried Maize-Alvan-Blanch-Maize-Dryer


Dried Cocoa Beans-Alvan-Blanch-Cocoa-Beans-Dryer


Dried Paddy Rice-Alvan-Blanch-Paddy-Rice-Dryer


Dried Hemp-Seed-Alvan-Blanch-Hemp-Seed-Dryer

Lucerne / Alfalfa

Dried Almonds-Alvan-Blanch-Almonds-Dryer


Dried Sorghum-Alvan-Blanch-Sorghum-Dryer

Medical Waste

Dried Soya-Beans-Alvan-Blanch-Soya-Beans-Dryer


...and more! Whatever the material!

Other products that you can dry
Wood Shavings Grass Seed Paper Sludge
Barley Herbs Pellets
Borage Linseed Rape Seed
Bread Crumbs Grass Oats
Bagasse Malted Sorghum Rice
Cocoa Beans Peas and Beans Poppy Seeds
Coffee Beans Evening Primrose Sunflower
Compost Maize Silage Soya Beans
Cotton Seed Potato Peelings Sugar Beet Pulp
Chilli Peppers Plastics Glass


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How it Works

CD Drier Render
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Conveyor Dryer Gallery

Conveyor Dryer Range and Specifications

Model Drying at 70°C. Digestate 70% -15% MC (Throughput Capacity kg/h) Drying at 70°C. Woodchip 50% -25% MC (Throughput Capacity kg/h) Drying at 100°C. Grain 20% -15% MC (Throughput Capacity kg/h) Thermal Power (kW/th) Minimum Power Consumption (kW)

Length (approx)

Width (approx)

Height (approx)

(P)CD3100 230 500 3,100 160-250 7.5 10 2 4
(P)CD4300 310 680 4,400 220-350 7.5 12.5 2 4
(P)CD5700 410 920 5,800 290-470 11 12.5 2.6 4
(P)CD7900 600 1,340 7,600 420-610 13 15 2.6 4
(P)CD10600 820 1,830 10,900 580-900 17 17.5 2.6 4
(P)CD13300 1,100 2,300 13,500 720-1,100 25 17.5 3.2 4
CD16000 1,200 2,610 15,600 820-1,300 23 21 3.2 4.8
CD19400 1,400 3,140 19,800 980-1,600 31 23.5 3.2 4.8
CD22200 1,700 3,760 21,900 1,180-1,800 28 26 3.2 4.8
CD25600 2,000 4,390 25,900 1,400-2,300 36 28.5 3.2 4.8
CD28400 2,100 4,600 28,000 1,400-2,300 41 32 3.2 5.4
CD31100 2,300 5,220 32,200 1,600-2,600 40 34.5 3.2 5.4
CD34600 2,600 5,820 34,300 1,800-2,600 48 37 3.2 5.4
CD38000 2,800 6,370 38,400 2,000-3,100 57 39.5 3.2 5.4
CD44200 3,300 7,390 44,600 2,300-3,600 51 46 3.2 6.3
CD50300 3,800 8,610 50,800 2,700-4,100 63 50.6 3.2 6.3
CD60400 4,500 10,000 61,000 3,100-5,000 71 50.6 3.8 6.3


Throughput, Thermal and electrical Power values are approximate, and will vary depending on ambient conditions, product variation and drier set up.
In accordance with our policy of continuous development, we reserve the right to change specifications and prices at any time without notice or incurring liability to purchasers. All goods supplied according to our published terms and conditions of sale (copies on application).

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