Continuous Double Flow

Mobile Grain Dryer

The Alvan Blanch Continuous Double Flow Mobile Grain Dryer is the right choice to achieve uniform drying with any granular crop. The Mobile version is the ideal solution for contractors and farmers wanting a machine that can move between grain stores.

Mobile Grain Dryer - Alvan Blanch

Advanced Mobile Grain Drying Technology


The Mobile Grain Dryer comes with a fold down roof and detachable hopper for easy setup.


Basic “On-Farm” for use on farm only, and full “On road” for towing on main roads at up to 30 km/h (depending on local regulations).


The Mobile Grain Dryer will dry any crop, in any condition.
No need for pre-cleaning.

Mobile DF Drier


Instant, electronically controlled, follow on without
need for emptying and re-filling.


Plus the mechanical flow avoids streaming, and
complete bed inversion.


Instant response for optimum accuracy.

MDF 25000 Mobile Australia
Alvan Blanch Mobile Dryer on the move

More features

Easily set for every granular crop

All key drying parameters including bed depth, drying air temperature, residence time (amount of drying to be done), airspeed and maximum grain temperature fully adjustable from dryer / control panel to allow mobile grain dryer to be optimally set for each product, maximising efficiency.

High fuel savings compared to other drying systems

In built air recirculation for the used cooling air which allows heat from dryer to be re-used saving fuel.

Further fuel savings can be made with external cladding allowing even more warm air to be re-used.

Less electrical power consumption

Fully adjustable hot fan speed via electrical inverter technology allows fan speed to be reduced on lighter products saving electrical energy.

Built-in dust and chaff removal

Built in dust and chaff removal system eliminates the need for separate cleaning system to achieve satisfactory and safe drying reducing any additional electric consumption.

Grain is turned during drying process ensuring even drying.

Highly automated

Continuous Grain and Air temperature monitoring allows dryer to automatically regulate drying process to maximise efficiency and throughput.

Sensors on grain feed system to automatically control grain fill level minimising running time on intake equipment.

Blockage sensors on all connected equipment to minimise downtime in event of system blockage.

Built to last for generations

Proven construction with an anti-corrosion finish and strong epoxy paint.

Backed by a 2 year warranty and worldwide support.

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With the Mobile Double Flow Dryer you can dry:

Dried Wheat-Alvan Blanch Wheat Dryer


Dried Oats-Alvan-Blanch-Oats-Dryer


Dried Barley-Alvan-Blanch-Barley-Dryer


Dried Rapeseed-Canola-Alvan-Blanch-Rapessed-Canola-Dryer


Dried Linseed-Alvan-Blanch-Linseed-Dryer


Dried Paddy Rice-Alvan-Blanch-Paddy-Rice-Dryer

Paddy Rice

Dried Maize-Alvan-Blanch-Maize-Dryer


Dried Hemp-Seed-Alvan-Blanch-Hemp-Seed-Dryer

Hemp Seed

Dried Sorghum-Alvan-Blanch-Sorghum-Dryer


Dried Soya-Beans-Alvan-Blanch-Soya-Beans-Dryer

Soya Beans

...and more! It can dry any granular crop!

How it Works

Alvan Blanch Double Flow Drier render large
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The Continuous Double Flow Drier was born from the very first drier designed, by Alvan Blanch OBE, in 1946. The drier boasts a completely unique design that has made it the best selling Continuous Flow Grain Drier in the UK.

1946 Alvan Blanch Drier Concept

Continuous Double Flow Mobile Grain Dryer Range and Specifications

Approx. Input capacity, barley 20% – 15%, t/h @100°c
Approx. Input capacity, wheat 20% – 15%, t/h @110°c
Approx. Input capacity, maize 25% – 15%, t/h @110°c
Approx. Input capacity, canola (rape oil seeds) 13% – 9%, t/h @60°c
Length, mm
Width, mm
Height, mm
Discharge height under auger, mm
Max. Lift, kg
Product on drier bed, kg Barley @300mm
Hot fan, kW
Cold fan, kW
Burner motor, kW
Trace drive, kW
Auger discharge, kW
Burner size, KW

1 x 18.51 x 221 x 221 x 221 x 301 x 371 x 37
1 x 7.51 x 9.21 x 111 x 111 x 151 x 151 x 18.5
1.11.12 x 0.752 x 1.12 x 1.12 x 1.12 x 1.5
80010002 x 6002 x 7002 x 7001 x 700, 1 x 10001 x 700, 1 x 1000
Throughput, thermal and electrical power values are approximate, and will vary depending on ambient conditions, product variation and drier set up.
Models available for flaked grain drying; malt drying with boosted fans; all hot, where cooling is not required within the drier; mobile driers MDF10500 to MDF22000, and other options.
In accordance with our policy of continuous development, we reserve the right to change specifications and prices at any time without notice or incurring liability to purchasers. All goods supplied according to our published terms and conditions of sale (copies on application).