Alvan Blanch Mango Processing System Recovers Dormant Factory in Kenya

Mango Processing Line - Kenya - Alvan Blanch

The Coastal Development Authority (CDA) are responsible for the rejuvenation of Kenya’s coastal region, with improvements to local enterprise being one of their main objectives. Alvan Blanch have worked in partnership with the CDA to bring a once dormant Mango processing plant back to life.

This mango processing line was designed and manufactured by Alvan Blanch, with our service engineers completing the onsite commissioning in November 2019. Like all fruit processing systems built by Alvan Blanch, the entire system was created in a durable and hygienic stainless steel. The work that goes into the manufacturing ensures that the system is going to last.

The factory’s original collapse in 2013 will have cost many their jobs. With this new opening, the plant is now able to offer many new work opportunities. Particularly when it is considered that this processing line will run for 24 hours a day, with the staff working in shifts. These opening hours allows for the processing of up to 24 tonnes of mango per day.

Now the plant is back up and running, following its five-year closure, it will be able to serve around 30,000 mango farmers in the area. The CDA has already created its contingency plan, by purchasing the land to open more orchards; each orchard will be run by a trained farmer and ensures they are able to keep up with the demand. As the plant’s success grows, so do the opportunities for the growers and farm workers.

The plant is also able to offer a potential lifeline to those affected by the years of war in neighbouring Somalia. The factory sits close to the border, and with over 54% of those seeking asylum coming from Somalia, the produce and job opportunities are able to provide nutrition and livelihood for those seeking a new life in Kenya.

CDA Mango Processing Alvan Blanch Kenya 2

Local media covered the opening of the processing line, marking it as a really exciting moment for the region. This plant is the second of its kind within the country: the first was commissioned by the Keiro Valley Development Authority. 

It is personally a very rewarding experience for us, to be able to help breathe life back into these communities – especially when job opportunities are created as a result.

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