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Tractor Mounted Harvester (Reaper Binder) TH1400

For mechanical harvesting of crops such as paddy rice, wheat etc. 0.8 hectare/hr

Key Features

  • Reciprocating knife cutter bar - 1.4m width with gathering tines.
  • Adjustable knotting mechanism for sheaves.
  • Transversal conveyor - discharges sheaves behind the tractor.
  • Tractor 3 point linkage with swing hitch to move into towing position for transport.
  • Weight: 345 kg


For farmers who cannot Justify a combine harvester but who want to mechanize harvesting - tractor mounted harvesters operating in conjunction with high performance threshers represent the ideal solution. The cue crop is tied into sheaves, so that handling from harvester to thresher is very convenient. Crops that can be successfully harvested include:- wheat, rice, barley, sesame, soya, sorghum, millet and sunflower.



The machines feature a heavy duty reciprocating cutting head - 140cm wide, complete with a well proven reliable binding mechanism. 

The TH 1400 model (as above) for rear mounting onto conventional tractors - equipped with a side discharge conveyor to drop sheafs behind the tractor so chat it does not run over crop when performing the next cue. It is rotated by 90° into travelling position (as shown below).

The tractor mounted harvester incorporate extensive safety devices, are able to operate on steep gradients and incorporate shock absorbers.

Reaper Binder TH1400 video: