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Top Australian Almond Grower - Chooses the Exceptionally Versatile Alvan Blanch DF Continuous Drier

Select Harvests Ltd - Carina West Processing Plant - RobinvaleVictoria - Australia

A visit to New Zealand in August 2014 was enough to show a delegation of Select Harvests Managers that the Alvan Blanch DF26500 would be capable of assisting in making the incoming crop more consistent for almond processing, which would improve overall throughput within the plant.

Mr Brad Cooper - Engineering & Maintenance Manager Select Harvests Ltd

Photo (right) - Mr Brad Cooper - Engineering & Maintenance Manager Select Harvests Ltd (right) with Jim Duncan, Alvan Blanch regional sales manager (left)

The Alvan Blanch DF26500 arrived on site in late Dec 14, with install starting soon after, commissioning and hand over in early March 2015.

Initial running and testing has produced some performance figures around 20 ton per hour of incoming crop (complete hull / shell / kernel) with a moisture reduction of 5% per pass. Select Harvests are now in a strong position to handle crop which is weather impacted later in the season.

With an estimated 80,000 tons of product coming in each harvest, the Alvan Blanch DF26500 could be used on up to 1/3rd of the crop depending on the weather events. The DF26500 has been factory fitted  with a heat exchanger which will draw steam from the new Co-Gen plant to be installed in 2016, replacing the current diesel fuel system which provides the heat for the drying function.

Photo (right) - This is showing the top level of the DF26500 being filled with Almonds, in the foreground the Rotary Stirring device to ensure movement within the bed

Photo (above) - Shows the loader for the pre-cleaner and the Alvan Blanch DF26500 to the right - In the background the windrows of almonds covered in plastic prior to processing

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