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Successful Factory Investment Programme Continues - Robot Press Feeder

Folding a drier roof sheet. The telescopic arm runs up and down the track on the overheard frame

Yesterday, the robot had its first day of work here!

The robot is the next stage in our on-going major factory investment programme.

It addresses the bottleneck that in the folding process that has been created by the addition of the new automated tower feeding system to our laser cutter 4 months ago that now means that cut product from laser and punch is arriving in higher volumes at the press shop. The robot will increase throughout because, like the tower feeder to the laser, it can work unattended through the night.  

Of course, it will also reduce production costs and that is the other key driver for the investment.  As I keep repeating driving down production costs so that we can compete on world markets is absolutely crucial to our future.    

The robot will be used for batch work. Because of programming it will take quite some time before it can be in continuous use but it will certainly play an important role in the future. We were all very impressed by what we saw yesterday. It picks each cut part from a pallet and manipulates it in and out of the press, linking with the press controller, until it has been completely folded and then positions the completed part on another pallet in a very neat pile! 

The vacuum via rubber suckers on the telescopic arm have just released a completed item after neatly stacking it