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Structure Mills

Model: ST2000

Part of a complete range of milling technology from Alvan Blanch

Key Features

  • For uniform grinding - coarse, medium or fine.
  • Wide range of applications; for agriculture, food processing or industry.
  • Ideal for precision milling of grain - for optimum digestibility.
  • With high quality fluted rolls of hardened cast iron.
  • Option of two milling pass versions for optimum uniformity.
  • Low noise and dust emissions.
  • Fully adjustable and easy to operate.


Agriculture - grinding and crushing of grain, also pea and beans, to obtain highly digestible feed of very uniform particle size.

Food Industry - grinding of spices, dried fruits, nuts etc. (ST 2000/2 model recommended for some specialist applications).

Milling Industry - milling of grain to obtain special sorts wholemeal and for milling of middlings etc.

Chemical Industry - breaking up of minerals such as salt, chalk, sulphur and products as paint pigments and food colours.


Rolls - 160mm diameter by 300mm wide, cast in high grade centrifugally cast iron with outer layer hardened to 480 to 520 HB (Brinell), with precision machined flutes. Cleaning brushes fitted. Rolls are spring loaded for protection. Fine adjustment of roll setting. Device allow machine to be started under load and to allow, movable roll to be rapidly retracted. Reduction gear drive to both rolls (operating at different speeds). Feed hopper with control slide, feed roller and magnet. With support stand.


The product is milled as it passes through the preset gap between the rolls - as one roll runs faster than the other, a cutting effect is created. Milling fineness is conventionally adjustable by changing the gap between the rolls. special applications can be accommodated by changes (at the time of production) to the specification of roll flutes and to roll speeds.

ST2002/2 Two Stage Mill

Model: ST2000/2 Two Stage Mill

For Applications in which uniformity of particle size is of even greater importance the ST2000/2 version is recommended, because two milling passes are performed, the accuracy of milling is enhanced. Two pass milling on the ST2000/2 is also useful on commodities that must be ground to a fine powder.

Models Drive Capacity No. of rolls Roll size Dimensions Weight
ST 2000 7.5kW Fine: 600-1400Kg/hr
2 160mm x 300mm 1900mm x 755mm x 950mm 315Kgs
ST 2000/2 11kW 4 590Kgs