Specialist Processing

Alvan Blanch has developed various specialist processing machines, as well as complete plants, for nuts and other snacks foods - an example being our Peanut Butter Mill, for the efficient processing of roasted peanuts into crunchy peanut butter. Also Salt Iodising machine, which allows the homogeneous integration of iodine at a rate of 75 – 100 ppm to salt – as recommended by UNICEF and other agencies for the improvement of mother/child health in developing regions. Other equipment included in this section is machinery to process honey, tea, and herbs.

For more information on Alvan Blanch specialist processing equipment please call us on +44 (0) 1666 577333 or go to our simple-to-use enquiry form which can be found here

Specialist Processing - Coconut Processing
Specialist Processing - Poultry

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