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Solar Drier

Comprehensive range of high performance drying for a wide variety of crops 

Key Features

  • Simple to Operate and maintain
  • Easy to load
  • Economic to use
  • Can Dry a wide range of crops
  • Hygienic Stainless Steel trays
  • Robust Construction


Sunlight heats the black mild steel surface of the drier, which in turn radiates heat and produces convection. Hot air rises through the wet product in the stainless steel trays,and warm humid air exists through the exhaust chimney. The trays can be easily accessed through a door in the side of the drying chamber.


Three removable stainless steel trays.Main structure in mild steel – painted Hammerite blue.Fully adjustable inlet tray and outlet doors for temperature regulation.Translucent acrylic sheet. Solar collector tray in 3mm mild steel - painted black.Chimney in spiral wound galvanised ducting.Woven screen for preventing insect entry.

Model Collector Area M2 Collector Volume M3 Drying Volume M3 (one tray) Overall Capacity M3 No. Trays
SD22-3 5.9 1.19 0.022 0.067 3
SD22-6 23.9 9.5 0.022 0.13 6
SD22-9 53.5 32.1 0.022 0.20 9