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Silo Unloader

Silo Unloader

Entire system operated from outside the bin. One motor on the exterior power head operates both unloading auger and bin sweep.


Key Features

  • Center power well and roller supported gate with gear boxes
  • Control Pipe Kit with Lever Opener
  • Appropriate number of intermediate wels with Roller supported gates
  • Under-bin tube & auger
  • Special bin wall flange
  • Bin Unloading Systems
  • Control Pipe Kit with Lever Opener

The Integrated Unloading System

6", 8" & 10" Power Sweep Package System, For 15' - 60' Diameter bins

Power Heads include horizontal, 25 degree incline or vertical. Low-Boy power heads are available (in any length between 20' and 50') to return grain to a center pit in circular bin arrangements. All power heads attach with a square stub to make moving between bins more time-efficient. The bin sweep, which remains in the bin at all times, is positioned near intermediate wells before filling. To unload, start the unloading auger with sweep clutch disengaged and open center well gate. After gravity flow stops in the center, open intermediate wells. When grain flow stops, shut off motor and engage sweep via separate clutch control rod. Start motor and the sweep will pull grain to the center well while moving around the bin. Our Control Pipe and Lever System enhances the operator's ability to adjust the wells.