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Salt Iodising Machines

Salt Iodiser

Key Features

  • Homogeneous mixing system
  • Two models - up to 7.5 or 15 t/hr
  • UNICEF approved design
  • Stationary or mobile versions

For the addition of iodine to salt - for the improvement of health.


The system allows the homogeneous integration of iodine at a rate of 75 – 100 ppm to salt – as recommended by UNICEF and other agencies for the improvement of mother/child health in developing regions.


Iodine diluted in water is discharged at an adjustable rate from the holding tank provided by a compressed air supply – to form an atomized spray. The iodine spray is applied to the salt as it is metered at an adjustable rate from the holding hopper. The inclined mixing chamber incorporates crescent flights to ensure thorough integration of the iodine. At the discharge of the mixing chamber, the iodised salt is bagged.


All parts in contact with salt in stainless steel. Frame and undercarriage (for mobile versions) in epoxy coated steel. Machine is supplied pre-wired with electrical control panel and includes safety shut down systems.


  • SIM 6000 - up to 7.5 tonne/hour.
  • SIM 12000 - up to 15 tonne/hour