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Rotary Driers

Batch Rotary Driers

Batch Rotary Drier

  • Highly efficient - low energy consumption
  • A single machine - can be supplied for a range of different uses
  • Can also act as a mixer - to add other ingredients to the material after drying

These driers are suitable for a variety of products, but are particularly suitable for very wet and dense products.

Batch Rotary Drier

The product to be dried is loaded in the drum where it is constantly re-circulated until it is dry. The drier is mounted upon loadcells to monitor and control the drying process as it continues. In addition these driers can be used to sterilise the product using an internal steam manifold.

Continuous Rotary Driers

Continuous Rotary Drier

  • Optimum conservation of nutritional properties - due to low temperatures used
  • Convenient, automated operation - virtually maintenance free

These driers are suitable for a variety of applications for both heavy and light products.

Continuous Rotary Drier

The internal configuration is different depending upon the products being dried. Each has a highly insulated drum to ensure minimal heat loss. They are designed to maintain a constant flow of product through the drier.



The main motors are fitted with energy saving electrical inverters which provides excellent controllability and also optimises the power usage against loading.

Heat sources
Multiple heat sources can be used such as diesel or gas burners (natural, LPG, biogas), biomass, CHP (direct or indirect) hot water, steam, waste heat (low or high grade).

Multiple Drying zones and heat recovery
Each drier is equipped with the facility for multiple stage drying to ensure optimum efficiency for the particular product being dried. This means that different temperatures and airflows can be used in different drying zones or stages. Heat recovery can be incorporated to ensure that all added energy is used to its maximum potential.

Uniquely Versatile - perfect results on every material

No other range of driers can match the range and condition of materials that can, and have been,successfully handled by these driers.

An Example of the Products Dried
Alfalfa Coffee Beans Grass MSW Pyrethrum Rice Wheat
Barley Compost Grass Seed Maize Potato Peelings Seaweed Woodchip
Borage Cotton Seed Herbs Oats Paper Sludge Sunflower  
Bread Crumbs Chilli Peppers Linseed Plastics Pellets Soya Beans  
Bagasse Digestate Minerals Poppy Seeds Rapeseed Sugar Beet Pulp  
Cocoa Beans Evening Primrose Malted Sorghum Peas & Beans RDF Straw  

Environmental Impact

Flexible planning solutions
The standard drier is low profile designed for internal installation. New drier installations can blend unobtrusively with existing building profiles, often overcoming very tight planning constraints.

Low Noise
All fans have special low noise impellors (aerofoil bladed, backward curved centrifugal type.) All noise is generated at low level and so on particularly sensitive sites, sound barriers can be erected

These driers all have low emissions with respect to dust, Nox, Sox, and VOC’s (level dependant upon the drying air temperature and product) Visible plumes can also be avoided by incorporating exhaust dehumidification with energy recovery.

All these driers are quick to install as they come in virtually one piece which reduces cost and the disruption of site works.

A Long Track Record For First Class Service

Precision laser cut

Of almost equal importance to the product itself is our approach to customer service, which has been continuously improved over the past 60 years. Our driers are totally designed and manufactured at our 9,000 m2 factory. We guarantee ongoing parts availability for all driers. Our highly experienced area managers, all processing system specialists, are ready to prepare layout design proposals.

Confidential Processing

Many specialist and confidential projects have been undertaken for a variety of clients. Please contact our special products division if you require this service

Alternative Driers

For applications and installations where different types of driers are required, then Alvan Blanch manufacture a range of alternative driers such as our leading DF and SPD ranges which utilise the unique louvered bed principle.

Multiple Driers

Multiple Driers Illustration

For applications and installations where multiple driers are required they can be easily linked together to form a common unit, with a single feed system. Suitable for indoor or out door operation.

Warranty - as defined in our Conditions of Sale (available on request) covers parts and labour performed only by our own staff except where dealers have been specifically authorised to assist. To qualify for second-year warranty a chargeable drier service every 1000 hours of operation by Alvan Blanch or authorised agent.