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Rice Hullers

Model No.1 with Polisher - Rear View

Key Features

  • Simple and reliable
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Fully automated operation
  • Throughputs-up to 350kgs/hr
  • Optional range of stands to choose from
  • Available with electric or diesel engine drive

AB / Grantex rice hullers are heavy duty, robust machines for the preparation of edible rice. They will shell paddy and whiten rice in one operation. Rice Hullers Capacity 230 - 590kgs/hr



To perform the shelling and/or whitening process, a specially chilled, hard cast iron cylinder is rotated inside a hardened screen. The degree of milling is controlled by:

  • The outlet slide, which regulates the time the rice remains in the machine.
  • The huller blade, which regulates the severity of the process and is adjustable to suit the variety and condition of the rice being milled, to keep breakage to a minimum.


This comprises of an enclosed steel drum with leather thongs attached. The drum rotates inside a perforated screen , the thongs giving the rice an added polish or lustre.

Low Stand
When supplied on this stand, the whole unit should be mounted on a platform at a convenient height above the floor.

High Stand
When mounted on this stand, the whole unit is at a convenient working height from the floor.

Drive Units
Diesel, or electric motors can be supplied, either as separate units, or mounted on a common baseplate with the huller

Reciprocating Sieves
Sieves, for grading the rice into whole, large-broken, or small broken pieces, are available for all sizes of hullers. These are mounted on a steel base and fitted with eccentric and shaft bearings of the sealed-ball type.

Size Capacity of polished rice kg/hr Models Power Kw Speed rpm Drive pulley Shipping specifications
From Paddy From shelled rice Weight Dimensions m3
1 230 - 250 450 - 590 Huller with polisher 11 700 - 750 317 x 140 x 40 320 0.58
Huller with low stand 170 0.26
2 Huller with high stand 200 0.37
Huller with fabricated stand 220 0.49