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We are determined to ensure that our products are competitively priced and yet maintaining the high standards of quality and finish that our clients expect. Our 9,000 sq m factory utilises the latest production and management systems. Our dedicated, experienced and skilled workforce give us the flexibility to react to the new demands, special requirements and urgent schedules of our customers.

Outsourcing of parts and production is restricted to suppliers from around the world that have been specially selected for their specialisation is certain fields of engineering and proven ability to work to our rigorous quality standards. This strategy of global collaborations with other manufacturers ensures that the company's products remain highly cost effective.


Alvan Blanch Continuous Double Flow Grain Drier Animation

Alvan Blanch Continuous Double Flow Grain Drier in Action

Alvan Blanch Conveyor Drier

Alvan Blanch Mobile Continuous Grain Drier

Aspra Major Thresher