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Model: ABHE1500


The pasteurisation process is used to sterilise and purify a whole range of liquids including fruit juice, cream and viscous ice-cream mixes. Pasteurisation deactivates the spoiling enzymes present in the liquids and can increase the shelf life of non-refrigerated beverages. Our systems with both plate and tube heat exchangers are suitable for juices and pulps with a wide range of viscosities. The use of hot water as a heating media via steam or electric heating avoids scorching the product. All systems are designed so they can be easily cleaned in place and come with full temperature monitoring and flow control to ensure optimum pasteurisation.


The pasteurisation system is constructed entirely form stainless steel with all contact parts in 316s/s. Hygienic stainless steel fittings and connections. Hot water tank and re-circulation system complete with integral electrical heating. High capacity stainless steel centrifugal hot water pump. Variable speed rotary lobe juice feed pump. Stainless steel interconnecting pipe work and full control system and electrical wiring for accurate process control. The complete pasteurising system is mounted on an easy to clean, adjustable skid.