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Natural Fertiliser Plant

Natural Fertiliser Plant

Key Features

  • Heat Sterillised
  • Capacities from 1-10 tonne/hr
  • Powder or pellets

For high quality heat sterilised organic fertiliser in powder or pellets from animal manure

  • For high quality powder or pelleted fertiliser from animal manure
  • Heat treated using super-heated steam injection to kill harmful bacteria: disease pathogens, nematodes, as well as all weed seeds.
  • With blending facilities to ensure consistency of end product - enabling different manure types (e.g. poultry, goat and cattle) to be mixed and for trace elements to be added to improve the fertiliser as a soil conditioner.
  • Available in a wide range of capacities from 1 to 10 tonne per hour
  • Designed for simplicity of operations and maintenance, of robust construction