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Multi Effect Concentration Plants

We manufacture standard or tailor-made continuous concentration facilities to suit a wide range of products and applications. Three types of continuous evaporators are offered; single, double and triple effect, all available with or without aroma recovery systems. All contact parts in 316 stainless steel, with suitable access platforms and CIP systems. Fully integrated electrical control systems ensure optimum performance and control. Full size ranges available to suit most factory requirements, up to 15 tonnes/hour input. 

Suitable products for concentration

  • Fruit juices/pulps
  • Tomato paste
  • Dairy products
  • Specialist pharmaceuticals
  • Vegetable extracts
  • Other food liquids

All systems are designed using the latest computer design techniques in both 2D and 3D, to ensure that constructional details are optimised, in relation to the heat transfer characteristics of the products being processed. Further details can be obtained from our technical department at our UK headquarters.

Drum & Bag Filling

A full range of automatic and semi automatic filling units are available for the sterile filling of bags or drums, or bag and drum. All systems come complete with accurate liquid or pulp metering, and high specification electrical controlling systems to ensure highly accurate and reliable filling even in arduous situations. All contact parts in 316 stainless steel, and complete with access platform, and roller track for ease of mechanical handling of filled containers. Easily integrated into the plant CIP systems.

World Class Manufacturing Facilities

Alvan Blanch is a global manufacturing company specializing and renowned for the design, production and supply of quality machines and completely integrated systems for agriculture and food processing. By manufacturing the majority of our products at our own well equipped factories and at our other carefully controlled global manufacturing sites, quality is assured and costs are kept to a minimum, as we fully utilize the latest production techniques which enables us to react responsively and flexibly to new demands and special requirements.