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Moisture Meter & Analyser

Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

Key Features

  • Robust and solid construction
  • Hand operated grinder/compressor unit
  • Directed readout from 15 pre-programmed calibrations
  • Ideal for field use
  • The measurement of grain moisture is one of the fundamental tests for ensuring continued grain quality following harvest and whilst in-store
  • Crops should be harvested at the optimum moisture content to minimise drying time and to ensure the highest possible yield weight and grain quality
  • Once harvested the grain should be continually monitored for any detrimental changes in grain moisture content which may reduce the nutritional value or economical return on the food crop.

Model: 6060 Moisture Analyser

Model 6060 Moisture Analyser - Key Features

  • Accurate - standard deviation 0.3
  • Fast - 6 second analysis
  • Easy - no need to grind the sample
  • Portable - weighs less than 2 kg
  • Flexible - measures temperature and hectolitre (bushed) weight as well as moisture content
  • Robust - strong, thick polyurethane construction


The principle behind this machine is simplicity - when the cell is filled and the appropriate commodity programme selected, the moisture content(%) is clearly shown within 6 seconds on the liquid crystal display. The average moisture content of a series of up to 254 samples can be measured in 1 second.


The 6060 Moisture Analyser also provides read outs of temperature and hectolitre (bushel) weight and its RS232 printer output allows information to be fed to a printer for a hard copy record or captured into a portable computer (PC) with moisturenet software.

Up to 7 calibration programmes can be held in the memory and these can be individually adjusted when required to optimise the accuracy. A security password ensures that only authorised users are able to make calibration adjustments.

The design concept of 6060 Moisture Analyser is based on the simultaneous sensing of capacitance, weight and temperature of the sample being tested, providing a corrected moisture (%) reading in a few seconds. The technology allows the use of whole grains - there is no need to grind the sample-cereals, oil seeds, pulses etc can be loaded directly into the measuring cell without any sample preparation.

Being battery operated and weighing less than 2kg the AP analyser is extremely portable and can be taken with ease to wherever immediate and reliable results are needed. Its robustness makes the 6060 Moisture Analyser and ideal choice for farmers and growers often operating in harsh and demanding environments.