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Maize Sheller

Key Features

  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Choice of diesel engine, PTO or electric motor drive
  • Capacities up to 12 tonnes per hour
  • Gentle shelling action
  • Mobile, portable and Stationary versions
  • Robust construction for long life
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Larger models also dehusk and handle sorghum/ millet


MS3000 Outputs up to 3t/hr

A mobile maize sheller dehusker that gives a high capacity, excellent shelling/cleaning performance, convenient feeding, useful rubbish collection features and unmatchable build strength - all at an affordable cost. Popular with farmers, community groups and contractors.

An extra robust machine which is built to give years of reliable service. As the cobs (with or without) sheath enter the drum they are subjected to the gentle shelling action of the rotating pegged beater paddle inside the concave screen (cobs are ejected into the powerful fan and blown well clear of the operating area. The same fan also draws dust and trash off the grain which is also passed over a fixed screen to remove remaining cob pieces. The clean grain then falls into collecting boxes supplied. The machine is mounted on a strong undercarriage with 500x8 wheels, drawbar with jack.


Drive: Choice of Hatz diesel engines, Honda petrol engine or tractor PTO.
Tractor mounting: from 3 point linkage.
Undercarriage: Larger 7.50 x 16 wheels for road towing.
Other crops: Extra concaves for sorgum and millet.

MS8000/MS12000 Outputs from 8 to 12 t/hr


Primarily designed for fixed installations, such as seed cleaning plants, these high performance machines can also be supplied in mobile form on-farm use.

With a similar shelling system to that of the MS3000 machine but with multiple sheller cylinders, (2 on MS8000, 3 on MS12000) cleaning is optimised by means of shaking sieves assisted by the winnowing action of a fan. A separate fan collects cob pieces and all dust/trash and delivers this away from the machine.

Mobile version with 7.50 x 16 wheels, drawbar and jack, feed elevator and bagging elevator with twin outlets.