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Maize Pickers

Key Features

  • Choice of single or two row versions
  • Around 0.5 or I hectare per hour harvesting rate (typically 6 or 12 tonnes per hour of dry cobs)
  • Tractor trailed for good manoeuvrability


For medium scale farms where hand picking is too labour intensive and where a combine harvester cannot be justified.

Construction/ Operation

This very robust machine is mounted on the tractor 3 point linkage. The picking is achieved by two contra rotating shafts which grip the maize stalk and snap off the cobs as the machine is driven forwards. The cobs are lifted by the flights of the elevating section and are dropped into a trailer which is towed behind the machine. Picking height is adjustable to enable low lying crops to be collected. Width between lines are adjustable from 0.75 to 1m wide