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Laboratory Cutting Mill

Laboratory Cutting Mill

Key Features

  • 200gm to 50kg/hr.
  • Feed size up to 30mm.
  • Coarse to medium fine grinding
  • Linings available in cast iron, chrome and stainless steel.

Ideal for crushing, soil bricks, concrete, rocks, cement clinker, coal, glass, ores, minerals, rare earth products, spices, grain and hundreds of other materials up to medium hard range.

Maximum capacity - 50kg/hr

The deservedly popular Laboratory Cutting Mill is used for crushing grinding a wide assortment of materials including construction, environmental, mineral, chemical agricultural and ceramic. The mill is remarkable for combining small size with strength and power for heavy duty application and continuous operation.


Controlled by a regulator, material passes from the hopper in to the grinding chamber, where it is pulverized between the hard grooved and chamber linings, as well as by the impact of the three rotating beater tips on the beater arms. The mill process samples from 200 grams up to a maximum of about 50kg/hr, with an initial lump size of up to 30mm down to a fine end particle size of approximately 50 microns. For continuous through put, material is fed in to the mill by means of a vibratory feeder fitted above the hopper. Output varies according to the nature of the product and the screen mesh size.

Interchangeable screens, with fourteen different hole diameters, determine the final particle size. The bulk of the ground product is reduced to a size much finer than the screen holes. Screens are changed quickly and simply by sliding them in and out of the recess provided. they are available in stainless steel in various sizes.


The housing is of heavy duty cast iron. The grinding chamber lining and door lining are available in cast iron, chrome steel and stainless steel, beater arms in cast iron and stainless steel and beater tips in chrome steel and stainless steel.

Safety Features

A stainless steel cross bar is fitted across the top of the feed hopper, restricting hand access but allowing unobstructed passage for the product. The mill cannot be switched on until the door is fully closed. A break motor, operated by a fail safe micro switch, brings the beater arm to an instant halt if the door is opened during operation. A specifically designed outlet chute prevents access to moving parts from underneath, even with the screen removed.