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Impact Huller - Splitter

Impact Huller

Key Features

  • For a wide range of seeds including - sunflower, soya beans, oats
  • Two models - capacities up to 2,000kg/hr depending on crop
  • Simple yet very effective design - giving consistent results
  • Dustless operation, easy to install, minimal maintenance


Impact hullers can be used on a wide range of seeds - such as sunflower, soya beans and oats - on winch die hull is relatively loose - allowing separation from (he seed endosperm upon impact. The IH-15 huller is usually the first stage in a complete separation process - the loose hulls must be aspirated from the seed and, if necessary, any unhulled seeds must be returned for re-hulling. Alvan Blanch are able to design and supply complete process Ines to sun the specific seeds to be handled. IH-Lab model is manly for laboratory use.


The huller is an industrial duty machine. Impeller and hulling ring are fabricated from a highly durable steel for wear resistance. They are also easily replaceable. Speed is varied via manually adjustable pulley arrangement or via electronic inverter speed controller. The unit has its own support stand for convenient installation.


Product is fed into the inlet where it enters the impeller wheel through the feed control pipe. Accurate adjustment of the feed control handle determines the thoroughness of the hulling operation. The centrifugal force of the rotating impeller wheel drives the product against the hulling ring. The speed of the rotating impeller is adjusted to create the exact force of impact against the hulling ring. Fine-tuning of the speed minimises broken meats and maximises hulling thoroughness.

From the hulling chamber the hulled product and any dust that has accumulated,enters the cyclone and is discharged out the bottom for further handing and processing, The air that is used is retained in the machine and continually recycled for a totally dust-free operating environment.

Models Capacity Range
Length mm Width mm Height mm
IH-15 1,000 - 2,000 5.5 1780 840 1500
IH-Lab 100 - 200 0.75 990 585 1065

Capacities - vary considerably depending on the crop (on IH-15 Soya beans capacity up to 2,000kg/hr where as sunflower capacity is approximately 750kg/hr). Variety, moisture content, lengthof storage eetc are all factors that can affect capacities and hulling efficiency.