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Groundnut Shellers

Groundnut Sheller

Key Features

  • Capacities from 100 to 3000 Kg/hr
  • Diesel, petrol,electric, PTO or manual drive options
  • All feature gentle shelling action
  • All models of extra robust construction


An affordable range of groundnut shellers that gives reasonable capacity and excellent shelling/ cleaning performance and is popular with farmers, community groups and contractors. In stationary form, the shellers can be used as part of a complete shelling/grading line.

Construction/ Operation

Extra robust machines, which are built to give years of reliable service. On the GS500 as the nuts enter the drum they are subjected to the gentle shelling action of the rotating beater paddle inside the perforated concave screen, the shells break and nut kernels are allowed to fall through the screen, from where they pass through an aspiration chamber in which the powerful fan draws off pieces of shell and blows them away from the machine.

Best results on the GS100 models are achieved if the ‘in shell’ nuts are graded into small, medium and large sizes. The machine is then set to suit one of these grades and reset for the next grade later. In this way breakage of large kernels is minimized. as is the proportion of unshelled nuts. The concave screen is easily interchangeable so that different perforation sizes can be used for different grades. On the longer version there are two passes, one for big and one for small nuts.



GS500 - Choice of Lister LTI diesel engine, Briggs & Stratton 8 hp petrol engine or electric motor.

- Choice of Lister T22 diesel engine, Briggs & Stratton 15hp petrol engine or electric motor.

- The machine is mounted on a strong undercarriage with 500 x8 wheels, drawbar and jack.
GS3000 - Larger 7.50 x I6 wheels for road towing. Large static version on skids and smaller mobile machine also available.GRADERS/DE-STONERS:

To operate in conjunction with sheller as part of a complete installation.

GS100 - Output up to 100 kg/hr


A very simple, low cost, sheller for domestic or community use.

Construction/ Operation

Galvanized steel body in bolt together panels (packed flat for transport). Cast iron spiked rustlers are fitted in rows to the base of the rotor which is moved backwards and forwards manually -this action breaks the shells against the wire screen that forms the curved base to the machine. The shell pieces can then be winnowed away from the kernels. Two sizes of wire screen (9mm and 11mm) are supplied with each unit - to suit differing varieties.

Models Power (1) Kw (hp) Drive Input (2) Kgs/hr Shipping Specifications (3)
  M3 Kg
GS3000 11(15) E,D,P. 3000 6 1000
GS500 5.5 (7.5) E,D,P,T. 500 1.7 350
GS100 N/A M 100 0.05 30


  1. Drive options: E: electric; D: diesel engine; P: petrol engine; T: tractor PTO; M: manual.
  2. Output figures are for guidance purposes only, depending on crop variety and conditions.
  3. Shipping Specifications: These are nominal and will vary slightly depending on drive options.

Groundnut Lifter / Inverter Model: ABGL/2 -Two row


The tractor mounts machine digs, lifts, shakes, inverts and windrows the groundnuts in one operation.

Construction/ Operation

Extra heavy-duty machine, designed for years of service. As the machine moves forward, the plough blades dig under the crop in the two ridges, a disc separates entangled growth between rows and the elevator lifts the loosened crop from the ground. Loose dirt is removed by the shaking action applied by rollers under the elevator chain. From the top of the elevator, angled spinners fluff out and disentangle the crop (to assist drying and threshing) whilst removing more dirt, and discharge it over inverting rails which leave the crop in a neat windrow, with nuts exposed to assist sun drying.

The machine is fully adjustable to suit all conditions. The plough blades can be moved to suit row spacing the two wheels are raised/lowered for depth control and the elevator pick up depth is adjustable by means of a simple chain linkage.