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Grain Silos

Grain Silos

Key Features

  • Flat floor and Hopper bottom types
  • Capacities from 50 - 5000 Tonnes
  • Robust Construction - High grade steel

Grain Bins

  • The commercial outside galvanised stiffened bins are designed for storage capacity of 830 kg/m3 (50 Lb/ ft3. The tanks arc calculated to take into consideration wind velocity pressures of 170 km/hour.


  • 30° degree slope.
  • Constructed in trapezoidal sections with specially formed ribs with corrugated steel between the ribs. This provides a greater degree air tightness.
  • All silo roofs are self-supporting.
  • Provided with manhole, ladder and filling hole.
  • Optional accessories available including; roof vents, hand rails, thermometric supports, pre-lacquered steel roof, seal joints between roof and body.


  • Comprising galvanised sheets measuring 2,400 mm length x 1,140 width. Corrugation profile has 76 mm pitch x 14 mm depth.
  • All sidewall sheets are assembled to the stiffeners by rows of bolts. Quality bolts are used of sizes 5, 6 and 8 and fitted with mastic sealant. Optional: bolts can be supplied with plastic heads.
  • Double access door located at suitable level.


  • All bins are provided with outside galvanised stiffeners to avoid grain deposit between the sheets and stiffeners.

Optional Accessories:

  • Ladders.
  • Aeration Systems.
  • Level indicators.
  • Unloading systems.