Grain Driers

Alvan Blanch have been designing & manufacturing grain driers for over 60 years. The new highly efficient, uniquely versatile and environmentally-friendly driers have been radically re-engineered.  They are suitable for an extensive range of crops including soya beans, wheat, barley, grass seed, oats, rice, rapeseed, linseed and many, many others.

Exporting driers has been a key activity for Alvan Blanch from the earliest days and now extends to over 100 countries worldwide.

Our approach of matching equipment design to the specific needs of our clients and taking careful account of local factors such as climate, crop types, traditions and economic pressures is an important part of the process to enable our driers to be used to their full capacity.

For more information on Alvan Blanch grain driers please call us on +44 (0) 1666 577333 or go to our simple-to-use enquiry form which can be found here

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Grain Drying & Ventilation