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Fruit & Jam Processing Plant/ Machinery

Fruit processing plant layout

Key Features

  • Processing for all fruits/vegetables
  • For continuous hygienic operation
  • Full technical support programme
  • All contact parts in stainless steel
  • Systems employ latest technology
  • Full utilisation of waste products

Fruit washing, inspection and handling systems

Fruit Washer

For all kinds of fruit and vegetables, incorporating gentle handling techniques. Dump and spray washers for effective washing and cleaning, complete with drying systems as required, inspection and preparation tables, gentle handling and packing tables for loading fresh fruit and vegetables. Fruit chilling systems available for quick reduction of field heat.


For virtually all fruit and vegetables; equipment for peeling, slicing, de-stoning, de-seeding etc. All manufactured to the highest specification in stainless steel and incorporating the latest operator protection and safety systems. A complete variety of cutting and pulping blades are available producing an extensive selection of pulps, purees, chips, slices etc. Each unit can be individually installed or as part of a complete processing line.

Pasteurisation Systems

For juices and pulps, both plate and tubular systems complete with heating and regeneration sections. Systems can cope with a full range of product viscosities. The use of hot water as the heating media via steam or electric heating avoids scorching of product. All systems are designed to be cleaned in place (CIP). Full temperature monitoring and flow control ensure optimum pasteurisation

Orange Juice Extraction

Automatic Orange Juicer

For the extraction of fresh orange juice without contamination peel oils. Complete modular units with capacities from 100 Kgs/hr up to 8000 Kgs/hr. All systems integrally linked to intake and milling systems. Other citrus juice systems available including essential oil recovery.

Concentration Systems

Processing vessels and evaporators from thin film continuous aseptic evaporators through to boule evaporators. All equipped where required with aroma recovery systems. Easy processing of low pulp or high pulp juices, delicate or thermo resistant juices, low or high viscosity products whilst ensuring the finished concentrate is of the highest quality.

Fruit Drying

Our tray drying system can be used for producing a wide range of specialist foods, including dried and semi dried fruit and vegetables. Quality control is optimised by means of an indirect fired furnace (different fuel sources available), all stainless steel contact parts and the convenient adjustment of temperature and airflow.

Packaging Systems

Various cost effective packaging systems are available. Cartoning systems for gable top cartons from simple hand operated units up to fully automatic vertical form fill/seal machines for a range of products including juices or pulps. Vertical form fill seal machines for filling into foil laminate pouches. Bottling canning and capping units for a variety of processes. Potting and sealing systems for jams or pulps. Handling and cooling systems are available for large unit packaging, bulk filling into aseptic bags or drums. All our packaging systems are supported by continuous supplies of packaging materials and consumables.

Tanks and process vessels

Tanks and process vessels to almost any size are manufactured in 316 stainless  steel incorporating hygienic fittings and design, with options such as internal mixing systems, viewing and access ports. Vacuum and pressure process vessels are also designed to suit clients individual requirements for virtually any product type.

Jam and Puree Production

A variety of processing techniques are offered from simple open boiling pan to continuous automatic vacuum systems. Specialist formulations, mixing, slicing syrup incorporation options are available. Packaging of puree into jars, pots, tubs etc provided complete with jar washing and coding systems.

Plant Support Systems

Electrical controls

All Alvan Blanch fruit plants have specially designed control panels built to the latest international standards with stainless steel cabinets protected to IP66, incorporating automatic provisions for programming the processing sequences of the factory. Systems with SCADA and soft PLC control also available with full digital monitoring and control.

Water Treatment

Complete incoming water and recycling treatment systems are available, tailor made to specific site water analysis. Combined with continuous ongoing technical support and provision of specialist filter media ensures hygienic and sterile water at all times, whatever the source.

Technical Support

All Alvan Blanch fruit plants are fully supported by a complimentary technical assistance package. This involves the provision of quality control monitoring from raw material to the finished product in an assistance programme schedule designed to suit individual plant requirements. The provision of plant management personnel and marketing assistance is available at additional cost.

Packaging Consumables

A full range of packaging consumables are available including cartons, bottles, foils, jars, laminates. All printed to customers own design and artwork. Fixed and variable pricing structures are available with continuous back up support to suit. All packaging materials supplied can be linked into the relevant environmental recycling schemes.

Steam Supply

Full range of steam provision utilising the latest and most efficient steam generation technology using diesel oil, gas (natural and propane), or waste fuel.

Fluid Pipework

Our supply includes hygienic stainless steel tube, fittings and accessories. We are able to provide a variety of special items including flow plates, manifolds, jacketed pipework, filters, valves, inspection glasses etc.  Complete systems for cleaning in place (CIP) are available and designed to suit precise and rigorous processing environments.

Environmental Waste Processing

Increasingly, environmental issues are paramount so we offer tailored systems for waste water recovery/recycling, solids disposal and drying/de-watering systems etc. Our aim is to turn waste problem into income generating solutions.