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Crop Thresher - Mobile

Key Features 

  • Outstanding multi-crop threshing performance
  • Suitable for rice, maize, sorghum, wheat, millet, beans, peas, sunflower and many others
  • Choice of two models - up to 2,500 kg/h
  • Unmatchable for build strength and reliability
  • Unique design - efficient, simple & compact
  • Easily manoeuvrable on field or road

Aspra Master & Aspra Major. The ultimate in multi-crop threshing technology - developed using over 60 years of experience.





Ease of mobility coupled with extra robust build quality and exceptional performance ensure that the Aspra Major and Aspra Master are ideal for all crop threshing applications. A unique
design provides efficient threshing and accurate trash separation thanks to the unique air-assisted cleaning system - resulting in clean samples with low rates of grain loss and damage.


As the cut crop is fed into the drum from the feeding table, the beating action of the drum releases grains, which fall through the concave via a chute into the aspiration chamber. The precisely adjustable airflow removes the chaff, leaving the clean grain to discharge into the collection boxes provided. Meanwhile, the straw is discharged onto the unique air assisted straw screen, which allows recovery of loose grains from the straw; where are then fed into the aspiration chamber. Any lost grain is collected up at the end of the day from the ground sheet provided, grain losses are minimised.


Body of very heavy gauge welded steel plate with the following features:

Drum: Rasp bar (for most crops). Options of Peg (for paddy rice) or Combined Peg /Rasp Bar for certain multi-crop combinations. Drum speed is varied; to suit different crops, by changing engine speed (or pulleys in case of tractor PTO drive).

Concave: Adjustable position steel housing to suit drum. Different screens fitted to suit range of seed sizes.

Aspiration: Precisely adjustable airflow from the high performance fan on drum shaft subjects grain to an effective cleaning action as it falls through the aspiration chamber.

Grain recovery: Unique air-assisted straw screen system incorporating positive air pressure louvred top screen and fixed hole bottom screen recovers grain from the straw.

Undercarriage: Two large pneumatic tyred wheels on a single axle with draw bar and screw jack to suit tractor towing.

Drive: Choice of Tractor PTO, Lister diesel engine or petrol engine.

Accessories: The machine comes with two grain collection boxes, tarpaulin (on which the machine should be positioned when operating) and toolkit for adjustments and routine maintenance.

Model Capacity Drive Options Drum Width Dimensions Shipping
Wheat Maize
Aspra Master 1000kgh 1500kgh Tractor PTO
Lister LTI diesel engine
Honda 8hp petrol engine
444mm H: 1730mm
W: 1620mm
L : 2390mm
Aspra Major 1400kgh 2100kgh Tractor PTO
Lister TRI diesel engine
Honda 11hp petrol engine
616mm H: 1950mm
W: 1950mm
L : 2390mm


Aspra Maxi 2400kgs 3600kgs

Tractor PTO
Diesel engine
Petrol engine

1060mm   6.0m3