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Conveyors - Chain & Flight

Chain and Flight Conveyor

Key Features

  • Robust extended pitch chain with tensile strengths of 15000lb and 250001b to suit conveyor, with stainless steel option available
  • Wear strips fitted to base and return rail for scraper type chains
  • All joints make use of countersunk bolts and lap plates to provide a strong mechanical fit and smooth internal face
  • Flanged inlets and outlets
  • Full time design office
  • Horizontal, curved and inclined conveyors available
  • All bolted and riveted construction

Alvan Blanch bulk handling gives you complete confidence

  • Intermediate outlet options
    • Hand operated with rack and pinion
    • Electro-pneumatic
    • Electric
  • A range of chain speeds to suit various products
  • Drive configurations to suit customer preferences:
    • Vee belt drive to shaft mounted speed reducer
    • Geared motor drive with chain and sprocket final drive
    • Shaft mounted gear motor
  • Construction options:
    • Stainless steel
    • Galvanised steel
    • Mild steel powder coal painted