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Continuous Drier - Single Flow

Model: SF6400


Single flow driers can be used for a wide range of products - including, woodchips, steam flaked maize as well as whole grains and pulses of every type, cocoa and coffee beans etc.


The driers are pre-assembled so that, upon arrival on site, the drier can be immediately placed into position. As soon as the exhaust air ducts, fuel supply pipeline and power cables have been connected the drier is ready for operation. The heavy duty welded construction and the use of top quality components throughout means that, like all Alvan Blanch driers, these machines will give reliable service over many decades. With such a low profile design, the drier can fit within almost any warehouse and can be positioned on a standard concrete floor without special foundations.

Heat Sources

Multiple heat sources can be used such as diesel or gas burners (natural, LPG, biogas), biomass, CHP (direct or indirect), hot water, steam waste heat (low or high grade). These driers are particularly suited to drying at low temperatures.

An Example of the Products Dried
Barley Cocoa Beans Maize Sorghum Wheat Barley
Grass Seed Rice Pellets Barley Flakes Coffee Beans Rapeseed
Sunflower Borage Oats Peas & Beans Soya Pyrethrum


The product is drawn from the feed hopper by means of the top return chain, before falling onto the start of the drying bed. The variable speed bed conveyor chain gives precise control of drying duration. The required depth of bed is easily adjusted to suit the type and condition of the product. The high volume of hot air from the quiet and efficient backward curved centrifugal fan is blown through the unique Alvan Blanch galvanised louvred drying bed. In the final bed section a high volume of cold air is blown through the product before it leaves the drier. Exhaust air from the drier is conveyed outside the building by simple ducts.

Model Capacity (t/hr) Approximate Total
Electrical Power (KW)
Overall Dimensions
L x W x H
SF4500 4.5 10.0 8m x 2m x 2.4m
SF6400 6.0 14.0 9.5m x 2m x 2.4m
SF8000 8.0 17.0 12m x 2m x 2.4m
SF12000 12.0 21.0 15m x 2.5m x 2.4m